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Want even more info on how to balance your hormones through nutrition + lifestyle habits? how to track your cycle + confirm ovulation? Supplements for period pain? Improving gut issues like constipation?

Get my Hormone + Gut Health PDF Bundle that includes 8 PDFs (one being my hormone + gut friendly recipe guide with 40+ recipes) to help you get the MOST out of your healing journey!


if you have endometriosis &/ or PCOS & you want to learn how to.. 

  • have cycles that don't leave you bedridden & needing ibuprofen & your heating pad around the clock
  • have less or no more "endo belly"
  • eat to support your endo/PCOS without the restrictive af diets
  • have regular cycles without the use of birth control
  • ditch pesky symptoms like facial hair growth, weight loss resistance, cravings, etc
  • holistically improve your insulin resistance
  • improve constant fatigue that leaves you needing caffeine to get through the day

Then this masterclass is for YOU.

As a fellow endo babe, I've made it my LIFE MISSION to help teach women how to holistically manage their symptoms...

Because while remedies like birth control may work for some people, we need to realize that with chronic conditions like PCOS + endo, we often need a more integrative approach to managing our symptoms.. Taking the pill is NOT enough to manage endo or PCOS. PERIODT.

What's Inside:

  • 75 minute recorded masterclass
  • Accompanying powerpoint slides
  • Lifetimes access

All Fees are Non-Refundable. By purchasing this masterclass you are making an investment. There are no refunds.