$299.99 USD

Want to take your WHOLISTIC health journey 1 step further? Save $100 off my HTMA test bundle to PERSONALIZE your healing journey + SPEED up your results.

Wholistic Harmony

A self-paced course to help you naturally heal period pain, PMS, bloat + endo flares.

WITHOUT miserable af elimination diets,  a laundry list of random supplements, or 10 step morning routine.

What you'll get:

  • The Foundations of Wholistic Healing + the tools you need to heal from period pain, chronic bloat, PMS + chronic endo flares through my signature WHOLISTIC framework so you can travel + live your symptoms aren't dictating every second of your life.

  • Life-time Access to my Wholistic Harmony Curriculum that dives DEEP into the pillars of my Wholistic Healing + all things women's health with access to make sure we are covering all bases + empowering women to take charge of their health!

  • Access to my Guides, Meal ideas + Many Downloadable Resources: get my Hormone + Gut Friendly Recipe guide, Balanced Nutrition Guide + Downloadable Resources like my cycle syncing worksheet.

  • Access to my private telegram chat for questions + group support- 24-7 access to the group M-Thursday pop ins

  • Exclusive Access to Savings on a HTMA (hair tissue mineral test) Interpretation + Follow up Bundle personalize your healing journey + help to skyrocket your results! Minerals are THE sparkplugs that run our entire bodies and when our levels are deficient or imbalanced, it can impact blood sugar, weight loss, energy, period health, thyroid health, stress levels, sleep, digestion + so much more.

All Fees are Non-Refundable. By purchasing this program you are making a commitment to yourself and an investment. There are no refunds and you are responsible for fulfillment of the payment.

What People Are Saying:

"After trying to find my way on my fitness journey and being diagnosed with endometriosis, I decided it was time to get some support. That led me to Rita. I worked with Rita for a year and it was the best decision I could have made for my health and wellness. She taught me how to navigate my new diagnosis with care and attention that I have never received from physicians. She helped me decrease stress and create the best relationship with my body and with food that I have ever had. With just a year of working with Rita, I have developed a lifetime of knowledge and skills to carry with me. Before my year with Rita, I had debilitating endo pain, raging acne, and poor sleep. While I still have to put in the work to manage these stress responses, they are exponentially better. Rita doesn’t do quick fixes. She looks at you as a whole person and wants to focus on healing the root of each symptom. And it’s so worth it."


"Rita helped me with my periods to the point I’m positive my PMDD would be considered cured. My PMS symptoms during luteal phase that would usually last 1-2 weeks & so exhausted and fatigued I couldn’t move. So depressed I couldn’t move. So crampy I needed a heating pad. So heavy I used ultra pads and tampons. Now? 1-2 DAYS of PMS. little to no cramps. So light I can use regular pads with no leaking. No depression. I am able to hit every workout during my luteal phase. And I know it’s because I worked on improving my gut health, managing my stress, & decreasing my toxic load."