How to Test Your Hormones Guide

Do you struggle with symptoms like...

-hair loss
-painful periods
-brutal PMS
-constant fatigue
-difficulty losing weight
-cystic acne..

and go to the doctor and either get told that your labs are NORMAL, your doctor ONLY orders a TSH or they tell you that your hormones "fluctuate too much" + therefore there's no point in checking them?

While some of our hormones like estrogen + progesterone DO fluctuate, it doesn't mean that we can't test them + learn what our hormone levels are... it just means that we need to understand WHEN these hormones peak in what phase of our menstrual cycle so we can ensure we are getting them drawn at the correct time to yield a more accurate read.

Here is a guide I put together that not only goes over a list of labs to get drawn to check your hormones, but it also tells us WHEN to get them drawn!

**BONUS**: I also included some tips to help you start supporting your hormones today!