A full body and natural approach to healing PMS, period pain, bloat, + endo flares WITHOUT miserable af elimination diets,  a laundry list of random supplements, or 10 step morning routine.




I went from having 3 weeks of pelvic pain, chronic bloat, + brutal periods every single month with endometriosis..


to having minimal pain flares, being able to eat dairy daily again + cycles that come with ZERO warning. 


Your health plan does NOT have to add more stress to your life...


or leave you with a sh*t relationship with food.



You have miserable PMS every month that leaves you picking fights with your partner.. you spend most of your days so bloated you look 20 weeks pregnant, and every month like clockwork, you're in the fetal position on the couch, living on advil + calling into work sick yet again. 

You feel defeated because you've tried everything you've been told.. the low fodmap diet your doctor had you start but didn’t give you a plan to get off of.. The sugar-free diet your sister told you about that just left you craving sweets like nobody’s business.. The random $$$ wellness trends you see on tik tok for your elaborate af morning + bedtime routine + random hormone supplements that really aren’t making much of a difference .

And you're ready for a simple + sustainable way to have cycles that come right on time.. and just show up. Your periods are SO EASY you almost forget you were on it...

So you can have more $$$ in your wallet because you aren’t having to call out of work every single month..

So days 1-3 of your cycle feel like any other day- you're going to work, training.. ya know, living your life as usual..

You want little to no bloat + endo flare ups that are so minimal..

So you can finally travel + spend MORE time being present when traveling with friends + family, vs having to be the one to bail + rest in the hotel room because endo + bloat dictate every second of your life..

And you want this WITHOUT having to rely on restrictive af diets or bandaid fixes that just leave you with more issues than you started with..

WHOLISTIC HARMONY is how you can do this.. without the million and one wellness trends or having to eliminate your favorite foods forever.

While most people are getting distracted with 10 step morning routines, whittling down their "can have" foods list to 12 things, going to their doctor getting MORE lab testing but being told everything is normal, + winging it with random + pricey af supplements that may make things worse, my clients + I are implementing SIMPLE Wholistic strategies that target the root cause of WHY your symptoms exist... and getting results like this:

Imagine this...


You can't remember the last time you bit your partner's head off for loading the dishwasher wrong + had to come back and apologize for your "crazy hormones." You feel cool as a cucumber - no anxious highs or depressed, can't-get-out-of-bed lows. You've got plans to go to your nephew's 3rd birthday party and you actually WANT to go. 

Your relationships are stronger than ever - your partner isn't walking on eggshells having to dance around your emotions + mood swings. You're more connected to your partner than you've ever been. 

Your periods are showing up exactly on time, completely painless - you put the bottle of Advil in the kitchen cabinet months ago + haven't needed to touch it once. Your periods are so easy, you're actually focused + productive at work, instead of constantly thinking about how bad your uterus hurts. 

You're going out for drinks with your girlfriends tonight and knowww you're going to order the spinach + artichoke dip. Stretchy pants are a thing of the past - you're rocking your skin-tight dress knowing you can order whatever sounds good on the menu with ZERO bloat.


Hi, I'm Rita....

I’m a functional nutritionist who struggled with debilitating endometriosis pain, PMDD, + gut issues for over a decade before taking my life back.

I used to spend 3 weeks in pain every month even outside of my period, had miserable PMS for 2 straight weeks prior to my period + was painfully bloated no matter how many foods I cut out of my diet.. 

My doctor wanted me to keep taking birth control, hormonal therapies like lupron to “slow the growth of endo”, and have surgery after surgery..

And every time I got my labs done, the results were normal + I felt like I would NEVER get better.  

But now? I have cycles that sneak up on me, minimal endo flares + I hardly ever bloat..

I travel + go out to eat without having to research the menu days or weeks in advance.. Without fear of an impending endo flare up or a random food reaction because my food was “laced” with dairy...

I workout leading up to my cycle + during it with ZERO issues + without having to skip a workout because i'm too tired or in too much pain- all things that were completely impossible for me before. 

And I made this happen without having to rely on a restrictive elimination diet, a laundry list of supplements forever or a super overwhelming wellness routine.

I hear this from my clients ALL the time..

hey’re checking off all the boxes..

You’re eating your vegetables, having salads for lunch every day, hardly ever eating out, and you're exercising 5 days a week..

You’re avoiding foods like gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, grains, onions, etc (basically anything that can be deemed “inflammatory”) just like your doctor said + taking your favorite influencer’s bloom greens powder every day..

You’re cold plunging, doing red light therapy + the million + one wellness girlie trends you’re seeing your fave influencers doing on tik tok..

You’ve tried multiple forms of birth control and antidepressants to help with your PMS..

But your cycles still wreck you every month… 

Endometriosis still controls your life to the point where you’re scared you might lose your job because you’ve used up all your sick days + you keep calling out of work..

And you still feel like no matter what you eat, you’re bloated from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep..

the reason WHY you aren’t getting better isn’t because you AREN’T doing enough..

It’s because your current strategy is focusing on just masking symptoms instead of targeting what’s causing them so you can STOP them all together.

I get it, babe.. I’ve been where you are..

Chronic endo flares that won’t go away no matter how “clean” you eat.. Or how much you exercise.. Pain so bad it’s hard to walk and all you can think about is what your life looked like BEFORE getting sick + what you would do to get back there..

Miserable PMS / PMDD that comes over you like a plague from the moment you ovulate til the moment you bleed.. That leaves you with paralyzing anxiety or depression.. questioning who tf you are, if your partner is right for you + what the heck you want out of life.. Once a month every single month like clockwork..

Painful bloat daily + a gut that reacts to most “healthy” foods that leave you feeling like you can’t trust your body..

And you just feel defeated + hopeless AF. All your labs were “normal” + your symptoms get written off as endo or IBS..

When my symptoms got worse despite doing it all, that’s when i KNEW I was missing something.

Up until this point, I was focused SO HARD on shutting off all my symptoms instead of asking myself WHAT was causing them in the first place.. 

But the MOMENT I started digging DEEPER + addressing my body as a WHOLE instead of focusing on each individual symptom… was the moment I started getting better.. 

..and this didn’t just happen for me.. This has happened for the hundreds of women I’ve worked with as well.

And now I’m showing you how to make it your reality too. (We are not special girl)


Wholistic Harmony

a self-paced course designed to help you naturally heal period pain, PMS, irregular cycles endo flares, + bloat..


so you can heal for GOOD this time, without all the BS or miserable elimination diets. Literally the last course you'll ever need.



Isn't because they are eliminating a million different foods..

or because they are blindly taking probiotics or hormone balancing supplements like DIM..

but because I make WHOLISTIC healing feel SIMPLE + SUSTAINABLE.

so you're never turning to Google or TikTok searching for "what do I eat to heal my hormones" again. 

Where you know exactly how to eat + live so you can spend way more time traveling with your partner, snuggling your kiddos, and booking that trip to Europe without planning your entire life around your periods + bloat.

(and without spending 2 hours every day trying to figure out what you can eat for dinner which tbh is turning into a part-time job)


“Rita, there are HUNDREDS of hormone/period programs and HOW TO posts on TT + IG.. WHY choose THIS program?!

Because I first hand know what it’s like to BE the patient… to have a chronic illness that brings you constant pain + forces you to spend so much brain power thinking of your health.. To try 12 different birth control pills + 2 different forms of medically induced menopause.. .to following diets that actively triggered disordered eating + left me obsessing over food + food ingredients… To have laxatives thrown at you after decades of not being able to sh*t….

Just to continue to feel like a literal DUMPSTER FIRE.. 

Holistic healing doesn’t have to feel this miserable or complicated + that’s why my WHOLISTIC framework was born.

My WHOLISTIC framework has helped many women have cycles that sneak on them + take weekend trips with ZERO bloat.

Think about it this way..

What if in just 3  months, you could have EASIER + MORE REGULAR cycles?

MORE energy?

LESS endo pain?


When you’re taking intentional action around supporting your body as a WHOLE..

You can wake up the morning of your cycle, with no cramps just like it’s any other day..

You can travel, workout + continue living your life because your bloat, endo + gut issues are no longer dictating everything about your life.

Miserable periods,  bloat + constant endo flares can be a thing of the past..

No more winging it with random + $$$$$ AF hormone + gut supplements. No more miserable elimination diets that leave you constantly fearing food.

…just seamless cycles + a gut you can trust.


The strategies inside WH aren't "here, follow this cookie cutter meal for 28 days and then have no idea what to eat after it ends". This is where you come to learn + implement the tools + strategies that last you YEARS after the program ends.



blood sugar imbalances are one of the biggest drivers of inflammation in the body (chronic inflammation = disease). I'm breaking down exactly how to nourish your body for optimal hormone balance, gut health and clear skin + how to support your blood sugar so you can heal your hormones and KEEP them balanced (and NO it's not just "eat breakfast" or "eat more protein".)


you can be doing everything right, but if your nervous system is in a dysregulated state, you won’t heal + you’ll continue spinning your wheels.  I show you how you can support + regulate your nervous system to set the STAGE for healing to occur. And no, I’m not just going to tell you to meditate or do some breathwork.


your digestive tract is HOW nutrients come into your body. If you cannot absorb what you’re eating, it will be impossible to improve period pain, energy levels, pms, endo or pcos, etc, no matter how many foods you eliminate from your diet. I teach you exactly how to not only support your gut terrain without diets , but also boost absorption, without eliminating everything “inflammatory” from your diet


minerals are the sparkplugs that run our entire body- we need them for a fiery metabolism, proper digestion, hormone balance, immune health, blood sugar, thyroid health etc. And many women are DEPLETED af + this is exactly WHY they feel like crap no matter how many protocols or cleanses they follow


healthy detoxification + drainage is HOW we eliminate toxins, waste + excess hormones like estrogen from our body. Poor elimination sets the stage for imbalanced hormones, poor gut health, chronic endo flares, acne + other skin issues, brain fog, poor sleep, thyroid issues, weight loss resistance, etc. And while our bodies have the organs they need to detox, it still needs a little bit of help doing so sometimes so we dive into natural ways to do this



"After trying to find my way on my fitness journey and being diagnosed with endometriosis, I decided it was time to get some support. That led me to Rita. I worked with Rita for a year and it was the best decision I could have made for my health and wellness. She taught me how to navigate my new diagnosis with care and attention that I have never received from physicians. She helped me decrease stress and create the best relationship with my body and with food that I have ever had. With just a year of working with Rita, I have developed a lifetime of knowledge and skills to carry with me. Before my year with Rita, I had debilitating endo pain, raging acne, and poor sleep. While I still have to put in the work to manage these stress responses, they are exponentially better. Rita doesn’t do quick fixes. She looks at you as a whole person and wants to focus on healing the root of each symptom. And it’s so worth it."


"I’ve struggled to manage my PCOS with hormonal birth control for over 11 years and recently began learning about the negative long-term impacts. I decided to sign-up for coaching with Rita to figure out how to manage it holistically, but I had no idea how life-changing and impactful this experience would be!! Rita taught me tons about the biology of my hormones and reproductive systems (helllooo why don’t we learn these things in school?!?!), nutrition, supplements, mental health and so much more. She worked with me each week to identify food triggers, customize nutrition plans & implement a lot of healthy changes. When I look back on my last few months of coaching, I am AMAZED at the amount of lifestyle changes I’ve made but also how it never felt overwhelming or too much. Rita provided amazing encouragement and support throughout my entire journey & followed the pace I needed throughout all of my health changes. I feel healthier, stronger & more energized than ever before in my life!! I now feel I have the tools and knowledge to holistically manage my cycle, abnormal hair growth, insulin resistance & all my pesky PCOS symptoms. If you are ready to put your health first and make some lifestyle changes, I cannot recommend this program highly enough. Run don’t walk to Rita’s health coaching programs! Your gut, mind, body & soul will forever thank you!"


"Rita helped me with my periods to the point I’m positive my PMDD would be considered cured. My PMS symptoms during luteal phase that would usually last 1-2 weeks & so exhausted and fatigued I couldn’t move. So depressed I couldn’t move. So crampy I needed a heating pad. So heavy I used ultra pads and tampons. Now? 1-2 DAYS of PMS. little to no cramps. So light I can use regular pads with no leaking. No depression. I am able to hit every workout during my luteal phase. And I know it’s because I worked on improving my gut health, managing my stress, & decreasing my toxic load."

These are the exact strategies that took me from debilitating endo flares, chronic bloat, and miserable PMDD symptoms like clockwork every single month to..

minimal endo flares, cycles that literally creep up on me, + NO more painful bloat.

And now I'm showing you HOW.


MODULE 1: The Menstrual Cycle

Most women aren’t taught about their bodies + how they work. In order to understand what our periods and PMS should even look like, you need to understand what is happening in each phase of the menstrual cycle + what's normal/abnormal.

MODULE 2:  Intro to Fertility Awareness Methods + Fertility Prep

A lot of women I work with have either just come off of birth control OR are wanting to so they can naturally prevent pregnancy or to start family planning. To do so, we must first learn the biofeedback that confirm ovulation.

MODULE 3: The Importance of Ovulation, Having a Cycle + Making Progesterone Even if you Don’t Want Kids
Ovulation is NOT just important for having a baby- we NEED to ovulate to make progesterone. And without progesterone, you can't improve period pain, PMS, endo or PCOS symptoms, reduce anxiety, promote proper sleep, promote proper bone, thyroid or brain health, etc. 

We dive into how to nourish your body for optimal hormone balance + gut health and clear skin where you have frameworks that last you for months + years to not just heal your hormones but KEEP them that way. 

MODULE 5- PILLAR TWO: Nervous System
Healing your nervous system is the foundation of healing from period problems, chronic digestive issues, chronic illnesses like endo, etc. Forget all the endless hours of meditation alone- we are diving into what will REALLY support + regulate your nervous system. 

They say you are what you eat, but it’s really what you’re able to digest + absorb. Yes, gut health matters, but we also dive into how to promote absorption so that your body can actually utilize all the nutrients from the healthy af food you’re consuming.

Minerals.. Minerals.. Minerals.. Super trendy on social media rn, but why are they important ? And how are they going to make or break your period probs? We dive into it all here- and it goes beyond drinking an adrenal cocktail.

MODULE 8- PILLAR FIVE: Detoxification + Drainage
This isn’t another detox protocol or juice cleanse.. We are diving into the fundamental ways to support how your body eliminates waste + toxins- everything from blood sugar balance to minerals to natural ways to detox your body. And no, we aren't going to talk about cleanses.

MODULE 9: Thyroid- the Master Gland (available August 2024)
The thyroid gland isn't called the master gland for nothing. It helps to regulate our metabolism, blood pressure, reproductive function + so much more. 

MODULE 10: Common Hormonal Imbalances
We have a LOT of hormones. So when we talk about hormonal imbalances- it’s important for us to be CLEAR on what hormone(s) is/are off so we can create a targeted plan to balance them- but FIRST let’s chat about the different imbalances + symptoms of each.

MODULE 11: Holistically Managing Special Populations like Endometriosis, PCOS Fibroids + Other Special Populations 
When it comes to managing chronic conditions, traditional medicine tends to take a “bandaids only” approach which just leads to more issues + symptoms. These conditions, especially endo + PCOS are full body conditions + in order to get relief, this goes beyond just taking the pill or other hormonal remedies.

MODULE 12: Labs for Health/Hormones + Advanced Testing
When it comes to root cause work, lab testing helps us determine WHERE the issue is to start taking action. We go over the most fundamental labs to get drawn for your health + functional testing that can help skyrocket your results on your holistic healing journey.

MODULE 13: Supplements (available August 2024)
While supplements shouldn't be the main focus of healing, they can be super helpful when used in adjunct with diet + lifestyle habits. I help you cut through all the noise of which supplements are helpful and worth it and which ones aren't.  


And let's NOT forget the cherry on top bonuses:


    -Breaking Up with Hormonal Birth Control - how to better support your body on it + when transitioning off to avoid or limit symptoms of post-birth control syndrome. 

    -Healing Histamine - what histamine intolerance is, biggest root causes of histamine + mast cell issues, + how to naturally manage histamine issues

  • Discounted HTMA test, interpretation + follow up bundleSave 15% on a HTMA test, loom video interpretation, and a one time 30 minute follow up! 


a self- paced course designed to naturally heal PMS, period pain, bloat + endo flares without miserable elimination diets. 

  • The Foundations of Wholistic Healing + the tools you need to heal from period pain, chronic bloat, PMS + chronic endo flares through my signature WHOLISTIC framework so you can travel + live your symptoms aren't dictating every second of your life.

  • Life-time Access to my Wholistic Harmony Curriculum that dives DEEP into the pillars of my Wholistic Healing + all things women's health with access to make sure we are covering all bases + empowering women to take charge of their health!

  • Access to my Guides, Meal ideas + Many Downloadable Resources: get my Hormone + Gut Friendly Recipe guide, Balanced Nutrition Guide + Downloadable Resources like my cycle syncing worksheet.

  • Access to my private telegram chat for questions + group support- 24-7 access to the group M-Thursday pop ins

~$1,500 value- available to you for $299.99 with a payment plan option available.




one payment

option to add on a HTMA Bundle + get $100 off regular pricing!




two payments

option to add on a HTMA Bundle + get $100 off regular pricing!




Before Aliza worked with me, she was struggling with miserable PMS, irregular cycles after stopping birth control, fatigue + bloat with her PCOS. She had tried a lot of things + was nervous because she was worried this program would involve her having to cut more food out of her diet.. When we started working together, she was shocked i was having her add carbs + dairy back into her diet (with ZERO issues).. In just 4 months, her PMS has completely disappeared, her cycles have regulated themselves, she wakes up energized + is able to sleep all the way through the night.. She’s lost inches in her waist eating more + without even trying. And the best part, she said her marriage has gotten even stronger.


When Stephany came to me, she was looking to take a more holistic approach to health + managing her PMS + painful periods. She had a lot of mood swings, breast pain, fatigue + just overall dreaded her luteal phases.. Just for her cycle to come through like a wrecking ball, leaving her with intense cramps. And in just a few months, she’s keeping up with her students DAYS out from her period that literally snuck on her


When Erin came to me, she was struggling a LOT with pelvic pain, lots of PMS + excruciatingly painful cycles every month with her endometriosis that would leave her calling out of work, attached to her heating paid + popping Midol + ibuprofen around the clock. Like most endo babes, she felt completely defeated + felt like this would always be her reality.. And after 4 months, she is NO longer having to call out of work for her periods, she has way less pelvic pain + she isn't having to guzzle over the counter pain meds just to feel like a human.


WHOLISTIC HARMONY is what you need, babe. It's time to make a move.