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Hi! I'm Rita and I help women find their own path to healing through holistic nutrition + wellness.

My struggles with endometriosis + chronic digestive issues are WHY I became a functional nutritionist + women's health + wellness coach. I know first hand how frustrating it can be to go to the doctor to get answers, just to be told your labs are "nOrMAL" even though you have a plethora of symptoms (like a crap ton of food sensitivities)...

And be given a bandaid solution to manage a life-long chronic illness + chronic gut issues + be sent on your way...

As much as I was struggling with my health, I became fed up + began to research, learn from well known hormone/women's health experts, connect with other people with endometriosis + just figure out what all my options were so I could try to find another solution to better manage my symptoms.

Through exploring a more functional approach + working with a functional practitioner, I was able to get to root cause of my symptoms so that I could work towards healing.

My journey to healing is what inspired me to help other women with chronic illnesses, autoimmunity, digestive issues + hormonal imbalances find healing because we all deserve to feel like our most radiant selves!

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Helping women live more sustainably, get to the root of their hormone and gut issues and find their own path to healing through education, individualized support, and empowerment.

Credentials & Qualifications


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner



Certified Holistic Nutritionist



Certified Personal Trainer + Nutrition Coach 



Functional Nutrition + Metabolism Specialization


Online Fitness + Nutrition Certification

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