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Total Restore Package 

 My Signature 1:1 Holistic Health Program

  • 6 month root cause focused, 1:1 health coaching program designed to help you FINALLY ditch the bloat, boost energy, lose weight easier, say bye to painful period, better manage endometriosis symptoms.
  • 60 min initial consult to learn more about you, symptoms, + provide you with a completely personalized roadmap to help you achieve your health goals using a root cause approach
  • Bi-weekly 30 min zoom touch points (totalling 12 calls) to answer questions, assess protocols, dive into nutrition/lifestyle habits, assess biofeedback markers like sleep, stress, provide nutrition/wellness recommendations, etc
  • Access to me 24-5 ongoing support for questions, hype, education, etc in my private app
  • GI MAP OR DUTCH test AND a HTMA test included- with access to other functional labs + bloodwork through Rupa Health if needed
  • Access to discounted medical grade supplements
  • BONUS: Access to my Wholistic Harmony Holistic Health Course ($299.99 value)

6 payments of $615.00



Total Radiance Package

180 minute call pack

This is a mini call pack designed to help you tackle specific health goals like having easier cycles after quitting hormonal birth control, improving estrogen dominance, chronic bloat, period pain, poorly managed endo symptoms, + more.

This option will allow you to receive the benefits of having personalized support + functional testing if you're looking for a root cause approach, without as much 1:1 support.

The first 60 minutes will be an initial consult to learn more about you, symptoms, + provide you with a completely personalized roadmap to help you achieve your health goals

HTMA testing is included + you'll have additional access to other functional labs like GI mapping + discounted medical grade supplements as well. 
This option comes with private support 3 days a week for questions or concerns you might have! 

3 payments of $400


Holistic Health Intensive

One-time personalized support call

75-minute zoom designed for the
 autonomous woman who wants to holistically support her health and to...

-improve period pain
-tackle bloat
-optimize fertility
-lose weight easier
-have more energy throughout the day
-have better sleep
-less cravings + more balance with food
-better manage chronic illness symptoms

-+ so much

This intensive also includes:

  • HTMA test with interpretation (hair tissue mineral analysis that assess minerals + heavy metals) + review of any other labs/ tests you have
  • 90 day personalized roadmap with nutrition, lifestyle + supplement recommendations to address areas that need focus
  • 2 weeks of access to me in my private app for any questions/support
  • option to upgrade to full coaching or add follow-up calls if you'd like more support.


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Group Coaching Program

Wholistic Harmony

Wholistic Harmony is a 12 week group coaching experience designed to teach women a holistic + integrative approach to health + wellness. This program will cover all things from cycle health, blood sugar balance, navigating common hormonal imbalances, minerals, gut health, nervous system, + so much more that we were never taught and how they can impact our health journey! 

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Second Glance

Lab Review

Second Glance is a service designed for the woman who has been told her labs are NORMAL, but feels anything but.

This service allows you to have your labs looked at blood work through a FUNCTIONAL lens because most conventional lab ranges are WAY to wide + don't represent "OPTIMAL" ranges- the ranges where people actually feel GOOD and aren't having symptoms.

I have NEVER ever seen a completely normal set of labs with my clients who are struggling with chronic symptoms like hair loss, weight loss resistance, fatigue, bloat, etc. And that's exactly why I created Second Glance.

This includes:

-5-10 minute loom explaining what your labs are testing AND a detailed analysis of any abnormal lab findings with their common root causes.


-this does NOT come with personalized nutrition + lifestyle recommendations or follow up, but if you would like some, you can upgrade this service! Cost of Second Glance Lab review WITH personalized recommendations is $149.99.

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